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so Im outta here.

chillen at the college 04-09-08 14:52
So right now Im at CCC trying to figure out my financial aid shit. gotta love the system!! Im really super hungry right now lol

so james went to work today...but worked at Washington square. He works from 4-cl so I'll be home alone till like....forever lol

So....yah..... 04-07-08 20:17
As you read previously I don't have internet anymore. I'm not gonna explain though, but we just don't have it.

So with the new things coming into my life, and the friends going out, I dont think I'll be posting on here anymore and if I do, it'll be once in a blue moon.

anyway, have a great night everybody :)
Okay 04-05-08 18:55
Okay so i kind of have internet. I got data on my phone but the screen is only so big. Lol. I dunno who's gonna care but i may not post on here for a while anyway.
No more internet 04-04-08 22:48
Ok well i'm not gonna go into why this is but i no longer have internet. I will check everything online when i get the chance but that'll be slim to none with school starting soon. Later
Yesterday before Danielle and I were off to enjoy more of the sunshine, I got an envelope on my door. And everybody knows one of those...is bad news. So I open it, and its a NOISE ORDINANCE!!! I couldnt believe what i was reading. After all the times we've had to deal with our neighbors being loud, we were the ones who had the ordinance on our front door. Apperently it was report from April 1st, a night where we were pounding on the floor nonstop to get the neighbors to turn down their music. We asked our neighbors Rich & Crystal if they called (their really cool with us...and we woke rich up that night so....), but it wasnt them. So Im pretty sure it was the lady we were yelling at. I talked to the manager and explained to her what happened and why there was "pounding" on the floor. The ordinance also states that there was "loud arguing" going on. James and i werent arguing that night. I have a feeling it was the lady that called out of retaliation.
So the manager explained that since the time weve been here (september of 2007) weve had a total of TWO NOISE COMPLAINTS. Only TWO. I told her that if shes doing this to us after two, to take a look in their file because theirs is probably three times as worse.
I just feel really attacked that theyd do this to us. Dont get me wrong, james and I have had our loud nights of fighting, tv, what not. But weve followed the rules pretty well. So last night we went over to Rich & Crystals, and the hold time I was paranoid that if we were loud after ten we were gonna get in trouble. And i hate that feeling of even if were quiet, whos gonna call on us and make up some bogus story?
So what our plan is from here on out, is were gonna be setting money aside until our lease is up in august (because i dont want that our record too that we broke a lease), and were gonna be moving somewhere else. Because we cannot handle living here anymore. I feel like their not applying the rules to everybody, and making it feel like a safe place to live.
I hate the system sometimes.
Oh, not to mention, I had to break James heart in us not getting the dog. For one, I dont think we have the money right now, and two, I dont want any of our neighbors to have that on us that will get us in trouble if they found out. And i told james its better this happens now, then him get attached to the dog and it be twice as hard to get rid of him later.

Later today (4-3-08) i went into the management office to meet our new manager face to face, and i walked in there and introduced myself, i went to go shake her and she didnt even shake my hand....her first words were "We need to talk"....I was like "GREAT". This is how our conversation went....

Manager: "When is your lease up?"
Me: "August, why?"
Manager: "We've had a lot more complaints about you....even before we took over."
me: "What? Like what?"
Manager: "Loud arguing, loud music....oh, and by the way, i am not ok with you having parties in your garage, so if you are, that needs to stop"
Me: "Wha?! Ok, james and i have had our nights of aruging, but we don't have a stereo system, and the only thing we use is the tv. And the only time we go into our garage is to get into the stuff thats stored in there."
Manager: "Well, we may have to cut your lease short if this continues"

*By this time, Im SO PISSED because 3/4's of these alligations were not true stories.*

Me: "James and I do our best to watch the noise level, but some of these complaints are not true."

So after I left i called james crying and freaking out....he reaches his level of frustration and gives the manager a call. she says she cant say how many complaints we've had, and "doesn't know" where she got the complaint of the garage thing. Suffice to say she was a bitch. So he went down to the office and talked to the assistant manager, and got a TOTALLY different reaction.
Im really praying and hoping that we can be extra careful with the noise level, and things will begin to cool down. I just think that a lot of the noise coming from our building, is being pin pointed to us, and i told the manager that.
The other thing is, James was gonna go down and talk to the manager that he wouldn't be able to pay his half of rent till the 11th, but after the way she was talking to him, he REFUSES too....and im afraid were gonna get an eviction notice, and its going to make things worse. Because if we get evicted....we have NO WHERE to go. we dont have the money to move either.

*Change of subject*

(Don't think im on a high horse), but im looking at everybody and what people are choosing to do with their lives. Its so sad, and it almost makes me sick. Im just so dissapointed in some of the people in my life right now, its so sad. Im twenty years old, and i love that i have actual effort to show for it.

Ok well hopefully things get better.
exhausted.... 04-01-08 23:37
So i guess when your constantly going in the right direction, your suppose to hit some hard roads. i just guess i didnt think it'd be this soon.

so i stood up to "steve". he turned it on james and i....made it seemed like it was our fault, that we weren't "percieving him" the way he really is. he said he felt backstabbed....betrayed. he was the one who betrayed us.

anyway, i had to close the store tonight. i think i had the most visitors i ever have had in one day lol. my friend mike came over, then, my friend amanda.....and THEN ashley!! lol...i'm popular when it comes to giving free yogurt lol.

tomorrow im covering part of a shift for my friend haley cuz she has an interview (that i hope she gets!! :) )but im just so tired. tomorrow im suppose to have off, and yeah, its gonna be nice to have the extra money...but thank goodness its only gonna be for like, an hour lol. as soon as im done im goin home and goin to bed! lol

Oh, and ontop of my AWESOME night...james and i came home to our neighbors blaring their music. it was so loud we could hear the words to the song....and they couldn't hear us pounding on their ceiling. So yet again, we called the police and by the time they got out here (cuz they SUCK at answering calls right away) she had stopped the music. bitch. i also had a migrane by this time, and eventually i broke down crying because it just seemed like too much.

I didnt think working so hard towards such a huge dream i've had would take so much effort.

ugh...lord give me strength
life in itself. 03-31-08 23:58
so life in itself is starting to turn up, but im starting to hit my rough road.
may 2nd, 2008 i officially will be a college student!! i am going part time and majoring in photography. im super excited and even more proud of myself that im going. two years late, but im going.

ive been working really hard at my job, which i love. im seriously not talking outta my ass, i love my job. i work with awesome people, i love the product i sell, and its like a huge family. its within walking distance, my boss rocks, so yeah...my job is awesome :)

so today i realized that when i actually get on the right track, sometimes i get tested to see if i am still going on the right path. a friend of mine...we'll call him "steve" spent some time with us and was constantly talking about drinking, smoking weed, and bugging me to have one of my friends come over to have sex with him. he kinda tried talking me into doing weed and I dont go for that. i just dont. i dont do that, and i dont support it, or support people in my life who do that. i could've easily taken the bate, but ya know what...im too far ahead in my life to let something stupid like that bring me back to a place i dont wanna go. Im sooooo proud of myself that im able to fight against shit like that!

the other thing that has changed about me is my choice in friends. im standing up for myself and how i think....im not keeping my mouth shut anymore. im not afraid to say no, or tell people what i think. now, i dont expect people to listen, or to do what i say, but im not gonna sit here and watch people fuck their lives away, after i've faught the long and hard battle to where i am today.

and too add....this sunday i'll be going back to church....a year later. im really scared, but i've wanted to go so bad. i keep having dreams about the church and the people in it, so im taking that as a hint....lol

ok so i think thats it....lol :)
wait, wah? 03-24-08 19:35
hey ya'll! I haven't been on here in forever!! i think this'll be a good place for me to vent, and to just...let it all out, cause i dont get to do that a lot, lol.

woot woot! i'll post more lata.

Hello, 03-24-08 19:30
Hello my name is wannabeme. I'm new to elowel.